New Account Setup

Please complete all fields and upload the requested documents (in PDF or JPG format) to create a new ML Schedules™ Software user account and related Group(s).


GROUP INFORMATION. If you are an internal district staff member who will be submitting requests on your own behalf (i.e. not for a group, team, club, etc), use your first and last name as the Group Name.



Class Description
1. Internal Groups District Staff Members and School Related Groups
2. Community/Municipaility Groups Youth groups (ORYA, Boy/Girl Scouts, 4‐H, etc.). 2. Community service organizations (Lee Historical Society, Red Cross, League of Women Voters, etc.). 3. Local government (elections, town meetings, budget hearings, etc.).
3. Non Profit Outside Groups Any group that does not fall in the above listed category and any groups not sponsored by the Oyster River School District. Proof may be required 501(c)3 Certificate of Tax Exemption
4. For Profit Outside Groups Private parties, commercial, business and profit-making organizations.

Non-District Groups: Upload the Group's Certificate of Insurance and its Expiration Date.

Additional Group Files Enter name and then upload file.

Note: Your Group can only have 1 Classification per District and not all Districts use Classifications. Contact your District for more information.
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